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If you want to regain your energy, lust for life, better health, skin, and TIME to do things, connect with who you really are again, get control and make big gains in your life…
then take a leap and join me on your sober adventure.

Sober Curious?

Do you ever think:

I’m not an alcoholic but I’m not always proud of myself when I drink… or afterwards! 

I have a drinking habit - and I take regular breaks or have rules - but not a dependence. 

I know I could do better if I didn’t drink but everyone around me drinks as I do and so I’m not really sure why it bothers me. 

I know I’m worth more than this and I want to break a cycle and have a better, more fulfilling life. 

I would love some help with mindset to help me with self-sabotage, and stop limiting myself and my potential. 

If this sounds like you and you want to take the next step, join me on a Sober Adventure!

The Sober Code
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What is grey area drinking?

A grey area drinker is somewhere in the middle between an occasional tippler and a rock-bottom drinker.


You question your relationship with alcohol as it can feel unfulfilling, shameful, not under control, an irresistible waste of time… but there’s always a reason to have a drink! 


And why not? It defines the end of a hectic day at work, or with the kids, and who doesn’t enjoy a cosy red wine or three on a winter’s night, or a bottle of rosé on a hot summer’s day?


For grey area drinkers, it’s very easy to dismiss the way you drink as being a problem because you know you’re not physically dependent.


You’re not an alcoholic, but your relationship with alcohol bothers you, 


Research has shown that ongoing alcohol consumption contributes to anxiety, exhaustion, overwhelming emotions and trouble sleeping. So when the drink goes away many of these problems do too.

Join me on a Sober Adventure

Sober Adventure Balloon

The Sober Adventure is a 6-week programme to support you on your journey to mindful drinking or abstinence.


To take part you HAVE to be willing to commit to 30 days abstinence.


It's not just about sobriety, we will work together to sort your life out! Chances are if you're drinking regularly you've lost connection with yourself. It's time to re-connect. 


I will help you get on top of all areas, examine what is holding you back, and why you have allowed alcohol to play such a dominant role in your life.


If we can get you to thrive in your life, re-connect with yourself, things should naturally fall into place.


We will also talk about how alcohol works in the brain, build strategies for social events and cravings, and many other tips and support systems just for you. Be prepared, your life is about to get richer, more fun, healthier, energetic, and more enjoyable - let yourself be amazing. 

Please note: Coaching is NOT a replacement for an addiction treatment program.


If you are physically dependent upon alcohol, withdrawal can have serious medical implications. Please consult your GP or a medical professional.

Coaching gives you the tools and accountability to help you sustain behavioural change and helps you rebuild, rewire and replenish healthy habits and routines.


Give me call, happy to talk things through with you.


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