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During exam season most student experience some anxiety. Waiting for your results can feel just as - if not more - overwhelming, sometimes college place depend on good grades.For some people, exam nerves can set in weeks or even months before their exam.


Exam anxiety can present as:

  • You may experience butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms, or a racing heart.

  • You may worry that your memory will let you down

  • You may fear you will revise the wrong things

  • You may have trouble sleeping or eating

  • Feeling pressure from yourself or others

  • Comparing yourself to others

These feelings of anxiety may make them so nervous they can't rest, and for others fear of failure might make them freeze and feel unable to 'get into' their revision. 

Exam stress can affect how we feel, think and behave. You might experience different things before, during and after your exams.

Happy teenager calm about exams. Hypnotherapy for exam stress


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help with exam worry by reducing stress and boosting confidence. It can also promote relaxation. It can also help you develop the ability to access the calm state of mind and focus needed to sit an exam or cope with a potentially overwhelming situation.

At our Initial Consultation I will explain what is happening in your mind and body when you feel stressed. In understanding why your body has this response and what happening to you, you'll be in a position to help tame it. During our sessions, you can work towards building resilience and developing strategies to reduce stress and increase control.


Hypnosis creates a restful response in the body and mind, relieving stress, and over time you will absorb the positive messages helping you reach your preferred future. Young people are quick at absorbing change, so hypnotherapy can work well for them. Later in our sessions we will use NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) techniques such as anchoring to help you give your body calming signals in times of stress. 

Happy teenager calm about exams. Hypnotherapy for exam stress


I practice Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy, it is an evidence-based approach that uses cognitive hypnotherapy and applied neuroscience to produce results more swiftly than many other therapeutic modalities.

This type of therapeutic hypnosis has origins in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). I am nearing the end of my studies with CPHT considered the gold standard in hypnotherapy training, and practising under supervision. Between now and completion, I am charging half price for sessions.  

I am a certified and accredited Life Coach (by the IAPC&M), and hold a certificate in Applied Neuroscience. I am a student member of the AfSFH (Association for Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy) and NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy) and adhere to their code of ethics. 

I work from my therapy room in East Surrey or online, via zoom 07590546870

Accredited Practitioner Life Coach

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