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Ros Dodd life coaching

You visualise it, then it comes to life

Hi, I'm Ros Dodd

I am a certified and accredited Life Coach. My mission is to help as many people as possible live enriched, happy and fulfilling lives. 

My coaching specialisms include: 

  • Sobriety coaching

  • Flourishing at 40 and beyond

  • Creating change in stuck lives

  • Reconnecting with yourself

  • Helping you achieve your potential

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Are you ready to create a life that is happy, fulfilling and purposeful?

How I can help

I work with people who would like:

  • Positive habits: diet, exercise, sobriety, health

  • To fulfil dreams and ambitions

  • Big life changes

  • More confidence & tame negative internal dialogue

  • To develop a positive mindset

  • Help with work/career/relationships

  • Help with worry/anxiety

  • Help with self sabotage or people pleasing

  • Help with burnout, stress management and resilience

  • Help with motivation & procrastination

  • Help with self care 


Thank you too as always for your time and our sessions.  I’m finding them incredibly powerful and so so useful and you’re truly amazing.
Postivie thinking by Ros Dodd


Positive Thinking

This will help you identify what it is you're trying to tackle, assess it, put it in to perspective, discover ways forward, and map a pathway for you.

Time to recharge yourself with life coaching


Let's get acquainted

Hey, I'm here to help you change your life! But before you make that investment in yourself,  give me a call so we can get to know each other a bit.

07590 546870 or email ros@rosdodd.com

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