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And here's some ridiculous initials that I'll cover off in a sec: BA (Hons) DFSH HPD MNCH(reg) AfSFH CNHC(reg)

So who am I, what am I doing here? 

Well I'm a fully fledged grown up on the right side of 50 (ie. over!), likely to be a short way along the ADHD spectrum but excellent at masking it.


But that doesn't define me.


I'm all about creativity, energy, humanity, positivity, nature, freedom and connectedness. 


Hi I'm Ros

Why mental fitness?

Because I want to help you. And because I believe in it. 


I do my job because I love the human spirit and the absurdity of life. And also because I've been to some of the places you may be today. Burnout, stressed, anxious, lacking confidence, not sleeping, mind racing, self doubt, wooooo my brain goes into a little whirl just writing those words. 

I couldn't really reach out at the time because I thought the way I was feeling was my fault; there was no perspective. So I kept it all in. Even writing that makes me feel exposed. 

After a bit I realised that wasn't working and there had to be a different way to live, and that possibly my approach/thinking could be different...

Here's the ridiculous initials bit... 

...So I trained as a life coach, certified and accredited, and with that came a big fat dollop of self-awareness and discovery which really helped matters. I began to have clients, and after a while I recognised that some of them needed a therapeutic angle and I didn't have those tools in the box. Now also bear in mind I have two have two teenage daughters and they were going through all the challenges you'd expect at that age too, and I wanted to support them effectively as well. So I stumbled across solution focused psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.


It was an excellent fit with coaching, future focused, solution focused, self aware, and with the additional benefit of talking therapy and  guided relaxation - a massage for the mind that not only makes you feel good but also has well-researched effect on reducing anxiety, improving sleep, learning, focus and so on. 


So talking therapy, coaching and mindfulness - it felt like a therapeutic holy trinity if you'll pardon the expression. 

So I got myself certified and accredited in that too. So back to those confusing initials:

The IAPC&M accredits my coaching

I have a Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (DSFH) and I'm a registered member of the AfSFH

I have a Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma (NCFE Level 4) certified by the National Council of Hypnotherapy of which I'm a registered member MNCH(reg), 

And I'm a registered member of the Complimentary Natural Healthcare Council CNHC (reg)

I comply with the code of ethics for each of these member organisations. 

I also have a certificate in Applied Neuroscience, and I'm working through a course on understanding adult ADHD, and a Level 2 in Understanding Autism. My CPD, well learning in general, is important to me. 

Oh and I have a BA (Hons) in History of Art, the Honours are in Dutch - that was a long time ago! 


18 The Crescent, Leatherhead, KT22 8EE

Alcheme Wellbeing, 23-25 Brighton Road, Surbiton, KT6 5LR


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