Helping hands_life coaching


How can I help you?

Let's give you passion, fulfilment, purpose!

Re-connect with you are meant to be. 

Fulfil your potential.

It may be that you:

  • Feel directionless in life

  • Lack confidence 

  • Need better habits

  • Have dreams you want to fulfil

  • Have gone through a big life change, or are about to

  • Feel stuck at work or in a relationship

  • Are worrying and can’t stop

  • Self sabotage or people please

  • Need help with stress management and resilience

Need help with

  • Motivation, procrastination, habits

  • Focus, determination and insight

  • Confidence & taming negative internal dialogue

  • Self care 

Services I offer

Sessions are flexible.  You may need a sounding board, or help with a specific situation that requires just one session. Or you may have a short term goal that can be tackled in four sessions. If you are looking to shift mindset and implement significant changes in your life, you will likely need six sessions or more. Whatever the situation you are investing in yourself. Sessions are either in person at Ros Dodd Wellbeing, Surrey or from anywhere in the world via video conferencing.