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How can I help you?

I can help you get clarity, motivation, direction, harmony and accountability. 

It may be that you:

  • Feel directionless in life

  • Lack confidence 

  • Need better habits

  • Have dreams you want to fulfil

  • Have gone through a big life change, or are about to

  • Feel stuck at work or in a relationship

  • Are worrying and can’t stop

  • Self sabotage or people please

  • Need help with stress management and resilience

Need help with

  • Motivation, procrastination, habits

  • Focus, determination and insight

  • Confidence & taming negative internal dialogue

  • Self care 

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To get the very best out of life coaching and to make impactful changes, commitment to the process is necessary. Unless it's a top up for existing clients or it's a two-hour deep dive for a specific problem, I don't do just one session or sporadically placed sessions. This process should challenge and develop you, and for that I need your creativity, drive and commitment.

Coaching is all-in. It is not a passive process. It can be hard work. But it is exciting, rewarding, and life-changing. 

I work with clients for a minimum of 6 sessions either weekly or every two weeks.

Investing in yourself and making the changes you want takes time and application. 

By focussing on what you want to achieve, you will change and grow, and the halo affect will benefit the people around you, your outlook, you understanding of yourself, your life. 

Sessions are either in person at Ros Dodd Wellbeing, Surrey, or from anywhere in the world via zoom etc.

Services I offer

  • 30 mins call to find out about what brings you to life coaching.

  • A one-off deep dive for harmony and resolution to a situation or probl...

    200 British pounds
  • Six one-hour sessions to help you transform your life. Payable in inst...

    600 British pounds

The funny thing is,

unlimited potential is within you.

With your commitment to the coaching process and willingness to change, together we will discover how to help you move forward by identifying where you want to be and how to get there. Using my experience in coaching and neuroscience, I will support you.

YOU have the ability to reach your potential.

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