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This is a photo of my daughter performing at the British Gymnastics Championships in Liverpool 2022. That day she retained her place in GB juniors and became British Junior Vault Champion. 

I know the rigours of elite sport on athletes, parents and coaches. It is high pressure, and it's easy to enter into a state of anxiety or stress wherever you're placed in the equation. The parents and coaches support the athlete, but there isn't necessarily a support system for them. Coaches experience pressure from clubs, and parents do endless to-ing and fro-ing to practice in what would otherwise be their working or free time. It's a demanding life for everyone.  The athlete is at the centre of things, with pressure from others (whether intended or not) plus their expectations of themselves. 

Irrespective of whether you're a seasoned athlete or in the junior stages of your career, you'll know that however well things go in practice, it doesn't always translate to competition. In the arena the athlete needs to be completely focused, confident, calm but in a state of readied excitement. Studies have shown that it's not just the athlete's skill that helps them to win, but the mental preparation and control they are able to master are just as important, if not more. 


Solution Focused hypnotherapy can help:

  • Focusing on specific goals

  • Increase self belief and confidence 

  • Increase motivation

  • Handling nerves/stress

  • Manage frustration

  • Help remove self-imposed blockages

  • Improve specific skills 

  • To be more consistent

  • Improving focus and concentration

  • Performance enhancement

  • Competition nerves or self-belief issues 

  • Recovering from injury

  • Increasing motivation

  • Building confidence

  • Relaxing and calming

  • Creating clear visions of future performance

  • Stimulating mental agility

Using visualisation under hypnosis, you can rehearse your competition and condition your mind to be positive and ready on the field. By mentally rehearsing your performance, you can enhance motivation and self-confidence in your game. 

Neuroscience research tell us that by rehearsing and visualising your goals,  performance is improved - your brain cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality. 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is being increasing used by many top professionals golfers, rugby players, footballers, gymnasts, cricketers, athletes, tennis players, boxers etc.  Coaches and managers are aware of the difference between a confident athlete and and unconfident one and how this feeds into performance and results. 

So whether you wish to improve your running times, stress management, confidence, motivation or concentration, contact me. We can tailor your hypnotherapy programme specifically for you to help identify your goals and purpose, and support your progress in a relaxed calm atmosphere.

Ros Dodd


I practice Solution focused psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, it is an evidence-based approach that uses cognitive hypnotherapy and applied neuroscience to produce results more swiftly than some other therapeutic modalities.

This type of therapeutic hypnosis has origins in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). I studied with CPHT, considered by some to be the gold standard in hypnotherapy training.

I am a certified and accredited Life Coach (by the IAPC&M), and hold a certificate in Applied Neuroscience. I am a member of the AfSFH (Association for Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy) and NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy) and adhere to their code of ethics. 

I work from my therapy room in East Surrey or online, via zoom 07590546870

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