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Corporate coaching
and training 

There is no doubt that anxiety and stress can play a negative role in the workplace which in turn can affect an individual's mental health, impacting business performance and talent retention. 

We believe prevention is better than cure, but sometimes both are needed,  so our workshops and one to one coaching provide both.


Along with Sophie Clare Coaching, we design and deliver workshops, programmes and one to one coaching at all levels to support your business, and help you build and maintain mental fitness within your teams. 


We will work with you to develop training, coaching and workshops tailored to the needs of your business.

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How we can help

Working alone or with experts in other fields, we deliver workshops, events, and one to one coaching for your leaders and teams.


Our overall focus is about managing mental fitness in the workplace, but the emphasis can be on certain themes such as alcohol consumption, managing anxiety in relation to performance or a specific event, return to work after maternity leave or illness, menopause, confidence and self belief, imposter syndrome, managing boundaries, people pleasing,  fitness and so on. 

By helping you to create a workplace with a healthy mindset, we aim to help your business thrive. 

We will work with you to establish exactly what your business's needs are so that they are directly addressed. 

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Luna Williams, Luxury Collective Club

“Ros delivered a fantastic seminar on techniques to avoid burnout for me. She is very knowledgeable, professional, well-prepared and lovely to listen to. The seminar was well-received, and we all came away with some great strategies to implement. I would highly recommend Ros"


Please do get in touch to discuss your business needs and for more information on corporate rates for coaching and training services. 


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