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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them

Albert Einstein


Hi, I'm Ros I'm a mental fitness coach and therapist based in Surrey.

I help people who have anxiety disorders (see below) or depression, or are stressed, or burntout, find peace of mind and begin to thrive - and develop the tools to maintain their mental fitness. 

I use coaching, solution focused brief therapy and hypnotherapy plus tools from neuroscience, CBT, NLP to help you get back in control and feeling calm. 

I am fully insured, have enhanced DBS, and I'm registered with the NCH, CNHC, AfSFH. I also provide online therapy.

solution focused therapy, hypnotherapy and coaching

Good bye anxiety...

If you have an anxiety disorder such as OCD, panics attacks, social anxiety, phobias, or you're suffering from insomnia, overwhelm or burnout then I can help.

Anxiety can also be related to neurodivergence such as ADHD or autism, or hormonal changes such as menopause.  


Sometimes we lean on unhealthy habits to manage anxiety, such as poor eating, drinking or buying habits.

I work by exploring and addressing the areas of your life you wish to change, using neuroscience to understand your mind and tools based in coaching, solution focused brief therapy, CBT and NLP. Together we will help you build better habits, resilience, motivation, positivity, and develop solution-led thinking to create a future in line with your values, visions and goals. 

My work is about helping you...

Get in control of anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia or phobias

Say no to burnout and overworking

Calm your nervous system & physical anxiety

Interrupt your negative self-talk and choose self-love instead

Stop people pleasing and start healthier relationship dynamics

Stop procrastinating and start taking action

Help you feel calmly in control again

Let go of limiting beliefs that may be holding you back

Overcome performance issues

Develop your 'mental fitness programme' for sustainable results

Help you go from survive to thrive

Why Hypnosis?

In our sessions, I combine coaching, talking therapy, hypnotherapy, and neuroscience.


Research has shown that hypnosis can be a gateway to a world of benefits which include:


Boost memory retention to enhance learning.

Relieve stress and find tranquility 

Supercharge cognitive function and mental clarity

Achieve restorative sleep for boundless energy

Heighten focus and performance levels.

And transition from the 'busy' beta state to the 'thoughtful' theta state, akin to deep meditation and rejuvenating REM sleep.

Think of hypnosis as a soothing guided meditation, always safe and under your control. 

Two Ripples

Grab my free mental health tips guide 

'Stress to Serenity' 

Where you can find me

Online - please contact me to arrange

In person, Leatherhead Weds, Thursday and Fridays 

(please contact me for other days)

The Crescent, Surrey, KT22 8EE

Alcheme Wellbeing, Surbiton

Monday and Tuesdays

(Please contact me for other days)

23-25 Brighton Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 5LR


18 The Crescent, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 8EE

Alcheme Wellbeing, 23-25 Brighton Road, Surbiton, KT6 5LR


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Enhanced DBS checked
CNHC quality Mark
NCH certified registered member logo
Accredited Practitioner Life Coach
Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
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