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What is solution focused hypnotherapy?

Updated: Feb 14

Very soon I will be able to offer half-price hypnotherapy to clients while I finish my studies. I decided to train in hypnotherapy because I realised some clients needed a more therapeutic element in their sessions with me, and I chose solution focused hypnotherapy, because like Life Coaching, it is very much a forward-looking therapy. It follows a specific structure, incorporating aspects of solution focused brief therapy, neuroscience and trance - and can incorporate neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

Solution focus hypnotherapy is an effective method of helping people break cycles of anxiety, depression and related conditions such as sleep disorders, IBS and OCD.

It can also be used to help with things that are traditionally associated with hypnotherapy such as phobias, weight loss, smoking / vaping cessation, sports and other performance issues.

A typical session is part talking therapy and part trance. Trance is very natural state during which the client is in total control and completely relaxed so they are able to focus on thoughts and suggestions that might be useful to them. If you have ever done a relaxation meditation, the experience is very similar.

The beauty of solution focused hypnotherapy is that clients can achieve positive and significant changes in their lives in a relatively short space of time.

Solution focused hypnotherapy has its roots in solution focused brief therapy which was developed from the 1970's; it's an effective modality that empowers people to solve their own problems.

The beauty of this type of therapy is that it is forward-looking not backward looking. It doesn't dwell in the traumas of the past. So, working with the therapist, a client looks at what they want to achieve (the solution), rather than what prompted them to seek help (the problem). It's neuroscience science based, so it works in harmony with the mechanisms of the brain and the positive changes the client wishes to make.

With the aid of trance clients usually make progress quickly, so may need as little as 8 to 12 therapy sessions.

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